The sun for someone!! This is the proposal by Shuto Iko. Japan is a country with full material satisfaction and with a lot of people enjoying their long lives. Although a lot of Japanese people live extremely long lives, more and more people are suffering from various problems regarding habit addictive diseases at the same time. Also the number of people with mental problems is increasing. In this point of view, we cannot define Japanese as the happy nation. Why is the situation like this in Japan? Probably one of the reasons is that Japanese people are losing the opportunity to reflect on the significance of humane communication (in the way that people can associate with each other, face to face, and also support each other.) Even though we hope to warm people's heart, and give them a chance to smile, unfortunately, people tend to forget about such kind of positive attitude nowadays.So, now is the time for you to find a job opportunity, with which you can be more humane and can be more proud of yourselves! Shuto Iko was founded in 2009. It is a universal institute for the studies of medicine. Shuto Iko is actually one of the largest medical colleges in Japan. We have the recognition that the medical care and welfare should be more and more necessarily practiced by team in the 21st century. Today, the medical science and technique have been highly progressing. And it is necessary for each specialist to corporate with each other, for the purpose of helping maintaining people's health and taking good care of their lives.We recognize there are 3 important factors regarding the team work medical care and welfare. These are to observe, to support and to encourage. In other words, it is our mission to practice diagnosis and treatment based on the careful observation, to support patients by high technology, and to cheer them up so that they will be able to rehabilitate themselves more easily. Shuto Iko is ready to offer experts who can cope with any difficult situation and at any difficult scene. Why don't you discover your enthusiasm in yourselves, improve your skill and cherish the love for people? Why don't you live an enthusiastic life, and to be the sunshine to somebody?


Faculty of Medical Care 4 year courses

* You will receive the title of ""Advanced Diploma"", which is the same graduation qualification as that of a Japanese 4-year university course.

  • Advanced Clinical Engineering
  • Advanced Nursing
  • Advanced Nursing and Health
  • Advanced Physical Therapy
  • Advanced Occupational Therapy

Faculty of Medical Care 3 year courses

* You will receive the title of ""specialist"" as a graduation qualification which is the same as that of a Japanese junior college.

  • Emergency lifesaving
  • Practical Nursing I
  • Practical Nursing II
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Physical Therapy * Opened in April 2022
  • Occupational Therapy * Opened in April 2022
  • Acupuncture
  • Judo Therapy
  • Athletic Trainer

Faculty of Medical Care 2 year course

* The title of ""specialist"" is given as a graduation qualification equivalent to that of a Junior College in Japan.

  • Speech and Hearing
  • Sports Trainer
  • Care and Welfare

Faculty of Medical Care 1 year course

  • Clinical Engineering Special Course
  • Midwifery
  • Mental Health Social Worker
  • Certified Social Worker


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